$40/month for Baby and Me Class and/or Tiny Tot’s Dance
$50/month for 45 minute Classes
$60/month for 60 minute (1 hour) Classes
$65/month for 75 minute (1.25 hour) Classes
$75/month for a 90 minute (1.50 hour) Classes
$25/month for Pre Pointe/Pointe

MULTIPLE CLASS DISCOUNT: 5% discount for 3 classes per month SIBLING DISCOUNT: 10% for 1st sibling/15% for 2nd sibling (same family)
10% discount for 4 or more classes per month

 There may be various times that students who are older or younger are in different levels/classes. These variations are based on a number of factors and are only done after assessment and input from the instructor and Ms. Carol.
 In order for a class to run, there must be a minimum of 2 students in that class. If by October 15th, 2018, there are not 2 students in a class, that class will be closed and the students will be offered comparable classes. If this occurs, classes before and or after the closed class may have their class times changed.
 *Assessment is required for these classes
 ** Contemporary class is for those students with one year of Ballet 3 and or Ballet 4.

*Assessment is required for these classes
**Contemporary class is for those students with one year of Ballet 3 and/or Ballet 4